National Lash Day and What Does It Mean For You


Every 19th day of February of every year the world of fashion and style celebrates National Lash Day, giving a full day to venerate one of the most misunderstood parts of the human body, but one that has clearly defined the way men and women can be recognized in the modern world. On this day it’s all about lashesthose strands of hair that stick out just at the edge of your eyelids. For many National Lash Day doesn’t really mean anything, but for those who truly understand what these strands of hairs are for will truly give them the kind of pampering that they deserve. So what do people have to say about National Lash Day and what does this day mean for them? Read on.

For the great majority National Lash Day gives them the perfect excuse to buy the most expensive mascara, a very lavish yet equally useful eyelash conditioner, or even the most outrageous, eye-catching, and truly enthralling set of eyelash extenders to give them the capability to entice more men. From as cheap as a few dollars to as much as a couple hundred bucks, these products provide the perfect excuse for splurging on items that people can put on their eyelashes to really stand out on this all-important day about lashes.

It is easy to see why more women and some men are paying close attention to how their eyelashes look. While you will not see straight men wearing any mascara real soon, some have gone to great lengths to put on some form of extenders to make their lashes all the more appealing. In a world that is preoccupied with beauty, regardless of how superficial it may seem, even the smallest change in the appearance of one’s body part can play a huge role in nursing a bruised ego and make the individual feel good about how she or he looks.

And since it is National Lash Day it is the perfect alibi for trying out new styles and new approaches to creating an entirely different look just altering the appearance of their lashes. After all, this nationally-important day is all about lashes.

Now there are also those who look at the National Lash Day not on the viewpoint of someone so vain about appearances, but rather from the perspective of someone who is more concerned about his or her health. You see, the lashes, in pretty much the same way like the eyebrows, are your eyes’ primary defense against dirt, dust, particles, and debris that may gain entry into the sensitive cornea of your eyes. True, you have the blink reflex that will automatically shut your lid close in the event that an airborne particle gets unusually close for comfort. The problem with the blink reflex is that it may not be fast enough to prevent the particle from getting inside.

With your eye lash you have a mechanism that will help trap or catch airborne particles before they can even get close to the eyes. Your eyelashes are the screen that helps protect your eyes.

Sadly, these same hairs can also fall and be themselves irritants of your eyes. That is why on this National Lash Day some folks will be trying to find better ways of strengthening the roots of their eye lashes. They firmly believe that through good nutrition, ample eye lash conditioning, and proper hydration they can help prevent eyelash loss and maintain the functional integrity of their lashes.

Lastly, the National Lash Day is the perfect opportunity for wearers of fake eyelashes to come out into the open in their most outrageous styles which, on any other day they would simply not be able to wear. Now is the perfect time to whip out their imagination and creativity to come up with the most outlandish, most bizarre, and most eccentric styles of eyelashes on the planet both to commemorate this important day about lashes and to feel good about themselves.

However the National Lash Day means to you one thing is certain: eyelashes are important parts of the body that are often taken for granted for the simple fact that it’s mostly equated with beauty. In this day of the eyelashes, show it some respect and love in the same way you do to the rest of your body.